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e for Eco

The word “eco” originated from ancient greek οἶκος (oîkos) meaning house, household. The ancient greeks saw our world as our home and an integrated ecosystem.  And “economy” means managing and utilizing the resources of our home.

BOTANESTwas created with the purpose of reconnecting us to our home – our planet and nature. We believe our passion for plants and sustainable lifestyle can inspire the endless possibility to vitality.

The Power of Plants

Photosynthesis Process

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We all know that plants have been around for millions of years.

They are autotroph, self-feeding producers which harvest the sun’s energy to manufacture oxygen and organic substance.

This in result created suitable environment and food for all life on earth.

Our entire biosphere came into existence and all living beings dependent on the most important part of the carbon (source of energy for all life), oxygen, nitrogen cycle made possible by plants (including ocean phytoplanktons, mostly single-celled plants, which produces half the earth’s oxygen we breathe).

Plants provide life for all on planet earth. The web of plants also provide habitat for entire ecosystems. They are what we cannot live without.